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I met Tammi when she became my doula with my second child. That birth was a wonderful, straightforward, unmedicated hospital birth after which I decided to become a doula myself. Throughout my journey as a doula, Tammi was always there for me as a mentor and resource. When I became pregnant with my third child I knew I wanted a homebirth. But when it looked like that wasn’t going to be possible, Tammi was there for me again. I wouldn’t have had my perfect homebirth without her. She caught my precious daughter as she flew into this world on my own birthday! Through my homebirth experience with Tammi, I learned even more than I already knew about how much our babies and our bodies know instinctively about birth and life. I’m sure I will continue to learn from Tammi. I don’t know how she does all she does, but the families of Northern Virginia are lucky that she does. Tammi is a true community treasure.

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