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I also offer consultation services.

I have years of experience working with women beyond the care of a typical community midwife client.  Whether you want to have a community or hospital birth, I have the experience to make this the healthiest pregnancy possible, to set you up for the best birthing situation.  The twins moms I have served carry their babies to term because we work hard together to make that happen.  Parents of breech babies are not in a scary pregnancy environment because of the knowledge and techniques I teach for breech pregnancy and preparation for that baby’s birth.  I’ve helped mothers with prior pregnancies with preeclampsia have the healthiest pregnancies they can have this time around.  Standard medical care will not provide you with the supportive modalities I will advise for you to research and try. Diet, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnotherapy – the list is endless of what can be incorporated into your pregnancy to make it the healthiest it can be and I tailor what would be most supportive for you and your baby.

If you are planning a hospital birth, I will fill in the blanks for what you are not getting from standard medical care.

I am also happy to consult for other midwives.

You can be anywhere in the world to consult with me as the world is virtual and I’m only a screen away.  Pop me an email or call from 9a-5p, ET.

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